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At Home Art Lesson with Maura Wendelken, English & Spanish

Spanish Translation by Jessica Guevara, @jess_guevara_

Weekly Update: Various Artists

As we continue to hunker down, our artist friends are busy in a flurry of color and canvas! Check out what they've been up to below:

Christie Scheele
Soft Glow Over Tidal Flats 30"x60" Oil on Panel

Christie's Art Journal 
Christie's Website

Ruth Gilmore Langs

Coming Together 30"x24" Oil on Canvas

I Wish I Was a Mouse 25"x20" Oil on Canvas
Ruth's Website

Susan Fehlinger
Incoming Fog   20" X 20" Oil on Canvas

Inner Harbor, Off Season 40" X 44" Oil on Canvas
Susan's Website

Elizabeth Durand

Untitled Monotype
Elizabeth's Bio